General Product Information

We pride ourselves on curating a collection of beautiful and unique pieces that are often one-off and sourced from all over the globe.
Variation in colour & appearance are a characteristic of their natural beauty and are an integral part of its design & appeal.

You may experience some slight variations in colour and dimensions from what is pictured. What may initially appear as an imperfection, is actually the uniqueness of a hand-made, hand-loomed or hand-carved product and should be considered a feature.

Many of our products are hand made by artisans using traditional techniques that have been honed over generations. Products derived from natural materials, included but not limited to Bone, Horn, Marble, Animal Hides and Timber, will vary in colour and finish. Many of our textiles are block printed by hand, creating variations in the print. Some of our timber product is hand-carved and therefore are likely to have natural irregularities like small marks, scratches, stains or holes. Small variations such as those described above, will not be accepted as credit claims.

We believe that each piece is a true work of art, and with it comes a story of supporting artisan communities and keeping a traditional process alive in today’s modern world. We encourage you to see the beauty in its imperfection.


Please note all of our photography and imagery is intended as a visual representation only. Although care is taken to ensure images are not misrepresented, colours may not be exact matches due to variance in printer standards and monitor calibration.


We offer a gift-wrapping service for our products. Please notify us via email at or leave a note at Checkout, if you’d like an entire order or pieces within an order to be specially gift-wrapped. In the event that the order is a gift, we can send the products without any documentation included.


Feather-filled cushions: should be shaken and /or fluffed regularly to maintain their desired appearance.

Rugs: It is best to vacuum your rug before any dirt is embedded, ideally twice a week in the first few months. All of our rugs are made from natural fibres that can result in shedding/pilling. This is a natural characteristic and the removal of any loose fibres can be rectified with regular vacuuming with a good quality vacuum cleaner and a flat head attachment to avoid agitating the fibres. The amount
a rug sheds or pills can alter due to traffic, moving furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. Due to changes in pile and weave direction shading may occur and is a natural characteristic of carpets and rugs. Strands of fibre working their way to the surface of the rug is also a normal occurrence as the fibres settle. Pop ups can either be trimmed or pushed through to the base of the rug. Never pull out threads as this can lead to holes appearing. Sun exposure for extended periods of time may cause fading and items should be rotated to minimize colour change and damage.
We recommend that rugs are used with an underlay, this will help to prevent the risk of dye transfer to the undersurface, rug movement and to help protect timber flooring.

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