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Get to know Jessica Puljich

As a by-product of a free-spirited, creative Dutch father and an incredibly passionate and vibrant Italian mother, I was a dreamer from a young age. My appreciation for design & creativity started early with vivid memories of producing oil paintings of chinoiserie ceramics in many school holidays. I fondly recall purchasing floor cushions sewn from the finest Indian textiles at markets with my Mum, and entrusting Dad with lime-washing a feature wall in the brightest of Fuchsia tones, to turn my childhood bedroom into a Moroccan escape.

Completing my design degree in 2009 after 3 years of full-time study, I became enthralled by the industry ever since with a portfolio that encompasses hard & soft finishes for hotel & restaurant design, as well as high-end residential projects. It’s safe to say minimalism has never been my style, and my home has become somewhat of a self-portrait – an autobiography if you will. I’m infatuated by mixing old & new and am a strong advocate for ‘more is more’. Design, for me, is a means of story-telling: carefully fusing the pages of the past, with those of the present and producing an outcome that is uniquely your own.

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