Archipelago Mirror



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Introducing the Archipelago Mirror to our House Society curated collection.

We pride ourselves on sourcing pieces that are unique, beautifully crafted, wildly interesting and that support old traditions and artisanal techniques from near and far.

Create an interior that is wordly and collected; like you have spent a lifetime scouring the globe for unique treasures. We celebrate the beauty of artisan techniques and culturally inspired pieces. Our passion is to bring the treasures of the world, into the walls of your home.

This piece epitomises the House Society aesthetic, with its striking combination of beauty and texture. Style the Archipelago Mirror in a pair over bedside tables (as pictured), or alternatively showcase the mirror on its own above an Entry console (like our Rococo Chinois Console – Black).

Material: Gold Pressed Metal frame

Origin: Made in Java, Indonesia

Weight6 kg
Dimensions65 × 15 × 100 cm

Overall Width: 59cm
Overall Height: 95cm

Assembly Required?