Ethiopian Coptic Cross – Small



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Introducing our Ethiopian Coptic Cross to our House Society homewares collection. These crosses are available in both Small and Medium sizes and a variety of designs & patterns, and are a strong addition to your console or sideboard, when both sizes are paired together.

These crucifixes are pictured on our textural Pavilion Chest Side Table.

Christianity was established in the Ethiopian highlands as early as the 4th century. For over 1600 years Christian Ethiopians have worn neck crosses as a symbol of faith, like the Ethiopian Coptic Cross. The cross was suspended around the neck by a cotton blue cord called a “mateb” which was received at baptism. Jewellery-wise, the cross is the most prized personal possession and most valued to collectors of all highland selections.The crosses are usually named from the region that they originate. The crosses feature various design styling from the simplistic Greek or Latin crucifix to the more elaborate with flared arms, trefoils, decorative projections, complicated openwork designing and patterns of interwoven lines symbolizing eternity. Hinges and crowns show the later influence of 19th century European medals.

Material: Hand cast nickel alloy crucifix mounted on a clear acrylic base.

Note: Styles and designs may vary from images shown. Please enquire for exact designs available.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 20 cm

Sizes & Designs are unique and varied
Approx. 18 cm to 22 cm H

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