Itty Bitty Ginger Jar



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A welcome addition to our House Society homewares collection, we are excited to introduce our Itty Bitty Ginger Jar.

These days, ginger jars are very much appreciated by porcelain collectors and design lovers who cherish them for their beautiful and intricate designs. But ginger jars weren’t always this popular, and they weren’t always called ginger jars. They originated in China in the Qin Dynasty and they began being exported to Europe in the 19th century. That’s also when they started being used as decorative objects. Originally, ginger jars were used for storing and transporting spices in Ancient China. They were used as containers for salt, oil but also rarer spices such as ginger, hence the name they got when they began entering the Western world. Their utilitarian purpose was replaced in time by a decorative one. Ginger Jars, like our Itty Bitty Ginger Jar, are ideal to be displayed on mantels or shelves, or clustered on consoles or sideboards.

The are striking when paired in a cluster of different patterns and finishes (like our Mali Ginger Jar), to create some serious impact to an entryway or hall.

Colour: Hand-painted, Blue & White

Material: Hand Thrown Ceramic

Origin: Made in Bali, Indonesia

Please note: due to the hand-painted beauty of this piece, patterns and colours will vary slightly from images shown.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 25 cm

Height: 14cm
Diameter: 8cm

Assembly Required?