Phylum Ostrich Egg



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Welcome to the society, our unique and eclectic Phylum Ostrich Egg!

Embellished ostrich eggs were once traded as luxury items during the Iron Age (1200-300 BC) from the Middle East to the Western Mediterranean and were a sign of wealth. The eggs were often decorated with engravings, hand-painted or adorned with ivory, precious metals and fittings.

Our Phylum Ostrich Eggs are large in size and in their natural form, emptied and show a small hole to one end. The eggs look fantastic when displayed en masse in a large feature bowl. We have styled our Phylum Ostrich Eggs in the Champion Nickel Trophy, to create a beautiful statement arrangement.

The ostrich egg is oval with a glossy, porcelain-like shell, pitted with hundreds of pores. The eggs vary in shape, size, weight, as well as their shell structure and shell porosity.

For decorative purposes only

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 15 cm

150H x 120 Diameter mm

Assembly Required?