Sabi Porcupine Quill Mirror



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Welcome to the society, our unique and eclectic Sabi Porcupine Quill Mirror!

We pride ourselves on sourcing pieces that are unique, beautifully crafted, wildly interesting and that support old traditions and artisanal techniques from near and far.

This piece epitomises the House Society aesthetic, with its striking combination of beauty and texture. Style the Sabi Porcupine Quill Mirror on a feature wallpaper, on a bookcase (as styled by House Society) or as a striking vanity mirror. Alternatively, pair this special piece over an Entry console for some serious ‘wow-factor’ (like our Malwa Bleached Manjool Cabinet).

The striking black & white quills that feature around the perimeter of the mirror, are sourced from South Africa.

Material: Black Timber Frame with individually, hand-threaded Porcupine Quills

Note: Porcupine Quills are ethically sourced and naturally shed

Weight2.75 kg
Dimensions80 × 80 × 8 cm

Total Diameter Including Quills: 700mm
Mirror Diameter: 410mm

Assembly Required?